KamaruddinYusof yusof and wife(non-registered)
Absolutaly stunning Harun, job well done
Ron H(non-registered)
Very nice,,,been looking over your albums,,,love the Sun sets in the travel folder
maniam,shah alam(non-registered)
Abang Harun, a very good tutorial on NX 2. I use lightroom, now I am considering switching to NX2. Do you provide workshops on NX2 I would want to learn from you? Pls consider me if you have one. Thanks!
Fred - Netherlands(non-registered)
Me too, found your excellent tutorials for NX2. I think this application is very very underestimated due the lacking of good marketing. Have you ever think about making a CNX2 tutorial DVD for sale? Maybe co-operate (join hands) with Nikon? Would be great!

Nice greetings and thanks again!
Bogaugon ~ Argentina(non-registered)
I really appreciated your tutorials in youtube on capture NX2. I am a PS user and beacause of your tutorials for my NEF photos taken with my Nikon D90 I'm using it. Now I need practise!! Thank you for sharing. They are very clear, and easy to follow up.
Radek Pospisil, Czech Republic(non-registered)
many thanks for your tutorial NX2. I have to say that Nikon manual is very poor and I was ready to give up and switch to some other SW but your tutorial convinced me to spend more time with NX@. Pls. do you have any advice for NX2 tips and tricks community. There is a lot tutorials about photoshop on web but not that many for NX2. I am pretty sure that for common post processing (whitening of the teeth etc.) NX2 is good enough but the info how to do it is missing. I do not expect that Nikon will provide any special support.
Terima kasih kerana berkongsi maklumat NX2 di "youtube".
Thank you for sharing NX2 info in "youtube"
Saw your tutorials for Nikon Capture NX2! Thank you very much. I had been looking for an alternative to Adobe Lightroom and I think your tutorials nailed it. I'm shifting to NX2.

Efrem Acosta(non-registered)
Thank you for posting your NX2 Capture review on YouTube, I found it very helpful.
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